Artscool Extra-Curricular!

After school, holiday and community workshops: Creative, fun and educational too…

I’m Abby and I’m passionate about inspiring children to explore their creativity, develop their artistic skills and achieve amazing creations! Artscool provides fun and inspiring workshops building childrens confidence in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, making, creating & exploring!  I love to create, I’m constantly tinkering, toying and exploring in my own time and with my own munchkins: over the years we’ve had lots of fun trying out ideas and making arty creations. Little people have such fab imaginations; they’re make believers, mini-inventors and have curious minds. Let’s celebrate and encourage that!

All that arty-ness develops loads of other important life skills:

  • To be innovative, take a risk and think outside the box
  • To think creatively and solve problems
  • Intellectual and physical development
  • To collaborate and work in teams
  • To have empathy and build emotional development,
  • To be imaginative and curious
  • To be independent and express ideas
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Better concentration and communication
  • A better understanding of the bigger world

I plan a series of themed art and craft workshops suitable for KS1, aged 5-7 and KS2, aged 8-11 based on key events in the year, Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc or on specific themes such as carnivals, summertime, crazy puppets, Roald Dhal, Dr Zeuss, That kind of thing! You’ll also find me in places like Rheged!

I usually work with between 8-15 children so that they get the help and support they need, sessions can last between 1 to1½ hours. If you’d like to discuss bringing artscool afterschool to your area get in touch!